About us

Online Camp from AgainHello have exclusive rights to holding Online Camp.
Online Camp from AgainHello allows to remain an active sport participation regardless of the circumstances in the world.

Format of the event for participation in Online Camp from AgainHello:
-  online platform for the Athletes, Coaches, Scouts, Agents, Clubs, Agencies,
 Sport camps, Universities, Colleges, Sport high/middle schools, Preparation training camps, Sport managers, Development coaches, Sport clubs, Sport federations, Sport consultants/psychologies/dietologists, Sport organizations for development the player career worldwide;
-  the athletes could show their best skills to all sport world and that information will be available to everyone, regardless to the athlete location;
-  to each athletes to find the clubs and best deals worldwide for their professional career, regardless of their level of skills and abilities;
-  an opportunities for the clubs and to the agents with different location could see the athletes at the same time from many countries without limitations of time and distance between the participants;
-  the professional athletes profile, exclusive highlight video of best player abilities, based on the provided full game video materials;
-  the advertises on our web site and in social networks of each participant of our online camp for the clubs, coaches, managers, agencies, different sport organisations worldwide.

The aim of Online Camp from «AgainHello» is to increase the chance of the athletes development and to find the best solution to continue the professional sports career, regardless of the country in which the athlete lives.

Based to the fact that another camps which held in real time, have some limitations by different reasons, the Online Camp from «AgainHello» have unlimited conditions for your possibilities.


Advantages and differences of Online Camp from «AgainHello» over other camps:

1) Give an opportunity to participate in Online Camp from «AgainHello» at the same time for the athletes of different ages worldwide;

2) Increases more chances to see the athlete in the regional and global sport arena;

3) Online Camp from «AgainHello» gives an opportunities to participate in our online camp and at the same time participate in another camps, tournaments, practices etc.
That will only increase the number of persons who will see the athlete during this period and thus, athlete will get more options for qualified offers from different clubs, coaches, managers, agencies, different sport organisations worldwide.

4) Online Camp from «AgainHello» will give an opportunity to the clubs/sport organisations to see more athletes who may be under their interests.
Because at the same time, the club scouts,coaches or managers can not physically able to visit all the camps that are held all over the world.

5) Online Camp from «AgainHello» can have an unlimited number of participants during one online camp competition.
Mostly of another camps do not have such opportunity and have a limited number of participants.

6) Online Camp from «AgainHello» does not limit by location venue.
Will be able to all interested athletes, club representatives, agents worldwide to participate in Online Camp from «AgainHello».

Unlike to other camps, the athlete will not have to:
- go to another country;
- adaptation to change the time zone;
- travel long distances;
- spend money on travel, accommodation, meals and pay a fee for camp participation;
- be in the best shape to show your best at a certain point;
- be prepared psychologically to an unfamiliar team/group of people;
- touch the ball with limited times(in case of team sports);

In Online Camp from «AgainHello» the athlete will pay only for participation without additional and unforeseen costs.
The best athlete skills will be able to see all clubs/sport organizations/agencies around the world, as during the Online Camp from «AgainHello» information about the athlete with videos will be available to everyone.
In other camps participants do not have this opportunity and must come in personally. Thus, the athlete saves time, financial costs and during in Online Camp from «AgainHello» participation the athlete will be presented to a large number of specialists around the world.

7) Mostly another camps which are held have the following limits:
- limited number of participants;

- limited per days (usually 2-3 days);

- limited location venue;

- financial costs for travel, accommodation and meals;

- the short period of camp does not allow the participants to adapt to the conditions and show the best athlete abilities at concrete time;

- at the same time does not allow to all world experts anywhere in the world to see a large number of the athletes.

8) In Online Camp from «AgainHello» the player do not have a risk to receive  injury with the following recovery period for continuation successful professional career, as it could be happen in other camps.

9) Online Camp from «AgainHello» has no restrictions for the athletes participation on certain athlete positions and provides unlimited opportunities for everyone.
At the same time, in many other camps organizations recruit the athletes for different playing positions with limitations(in case of team sports).
Thus, if a large number of athletes have one playing position and want to participate in camp, their number will be limited and not everyone will be able to participate in such camp.
In Online Camp from «AgainHello» no limit on athlete positions.


Be the part of Online Camp from «AgainHello» to receive your chance for successful develop of your career.
Show your talent to the world!